Denomination of the Variety FRUATFRI

Crossing: Autumn Bliss x Tulameen
Breeder: Reto Neuweiler, Truttikon, Switzerland

Quality assurance
The plants are examined every year in a specially test garden for homogentity of the variety, plant vigour, health, yield and fruit quality. Out of more than 50 plants only the two best are used as "elite-plants" for further propagation. This ensures that the original plant provperties are retained or even surpassed.

Growth: Vigorous year-old canes with sparse spines reaching a height of 2.0 m. Unlike Tulameen, with progressing age of plantation there is still sufficient cane formation.
Resistance: Extended and dense root system indicating a low susceptibility to the root rot fungus (Phytophthora fragariae var. rubi). Experience to date shows that the scarcely cracking canes are infested by cane diseases to a low extent only. Regular and complete bud break in spring.
Maturity: Depending on the location, fruits of TulaMagic begin ripening as from the 20th of June, approximately one week earlier than Tulameen. Duration of harvest is about 4 weeks. Under mild climatic conditions as well as under plastic tunnels, current season's canes bear first fruits already in the autumn.
Yields: Due to a high percentage of buds developing into fruiting laterals, high fruit yields can be achieved. Under suitable growing conditions additional fruit yield in autumn.

Fruit properties
Fruit: Large to very large fruits, size comparable with that of Tulameen. High fruit firmness, easily transportable with a good shelf life. Fruits have an attractive light red colour, which does not darken after picking. The berries release easily from the receptacle thus allowing efficient picking.
Aroma: Delicious, intensive raspberry aroma with a high sugar content.
Use: Very suitable for fresh consumption. High firmness and good shelf life makes fruits suitable for all marketing strategies.

Planting and care
Planting in humus-rich well drained soil not subject to water logging. Cultivation on raised beds enriched by compost is advised. Recommended planting distances: between rows 200 to 300 cm and 30 to 40 cm between plants depending on the training system and mechanization. Cutting off excessively vigorous young canes at ground level until the end of May stimulates formation of a second generation of canes with a moderate growth. These less vigorous canes show a complete and early bud break in spring thus contributing to an increased early fruit yield. In areas with frequent rainfall, growing under cover allows for a high fruit quality and good shelf life.

The variety TulaMagic has a dense and expansive root system. Its capacity to absorb nutriens from the soil as well as from soluble fertilizers is considerably higher compared to other varieties.
Fertilising sparingly is the best measure to optimise firmness of fruit and aroma without any reduction in yield. Compared with the variety Tulameen, the supply of nitrogen should be reduced by minimum 30 %.

Market opportunities / cultivation value
Commercial fruit growing: In commercial fruit growing TulaMagic holds out the prospect of a long-awaited diversification in the assortment of summer raspberries. With its early ripening-period and excellent fruit quality TulaMagic achieves top prices in all marketing strategies. In comparison with the present standard variety Tulameen,it is less demanding with respect to cultivation technique and care.
Domestic gardening: Good resistances to root rot and cane diseases allow cultivation with a high success rate. The timing of ripening, just before the summer holiday period, is ideal for amateur gardeners.

Trademark an protection by plant breeder's rights
Owner of the Variety: PROMO-FRUIT LTD.

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The application for PBR has been made in Switzerland and the EU, TulaMagic is an international registred Trademark, Rights to propagation only with licence-contract.

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