Crossing: Controlled pollination between the parent varieties Redwinter and Rubinette®,
var. 'Rafzubin', clone 90-2.
Breeder: Peter Hauenstein, 8197 Rafz/Switzerland

Spatial characteristics
Growth: Medium-strong, well furnished, similar to Idared, also bears on one year wood, medium-sized leaf, jagged tip, full green colour.
Blossom time and fertilisation: Medium, somewhat like Golden Delicious, diploid, good pollinator. Fertilisation very good according to experience so far. Blossom purple-red at the ballooning stage.
Yield: Heavy and uniform, low tendency to biennial bearing.

Fruit qualities
Fruit: Medium to large, 70-75 mm, spherical, balanced. Very attractive, glowing red all over the fruit. Shiny skin without any russet patches.
Fruit flesh and aroma: Creamy coloured, firm, outstandingly good, fine spicy aroma (similar to Rubinette®) with plenty of sugar and a pleasant acidity. Very dense texture, crisp, and very pleasant bite, juicy throughout its storage time.

Harvest and storage
Harvest: Towards the end of September, depending on season.
Storage: Ready to eat from the tree. Storage under normal conditions at ± 0°C without loss of flavour possible until May/June. No storage diseases have occurred so far. Good shelf life in store.

Cultivation technique
Rootstock: M9 virus-free is recommended.
Tree form: Slender spindle, short fruit wood cut. Thin with chemical agents. Fruit thinning by hand if necessary.
Care: Treatment against scab recommended. Mildew resistant. Suitable for integrated production.

Consumption value
Red Boy® is an ideal combination of Redwinter, with its capability of storage for a long time, and the unbeatable flavour of Rubinette®. The aroma, when the fruit is eaten from the tree, is sweeter than that of Rubinette®. As its sugar and acid contents are high, Red Boy® has still not lost any flavour even months later, nor has it dried out. The first consumer tests showed a high level of acceptance amongst consumers. More than 90 percent asked where they could buy these fine apples after having bought them once.

Market prospects
The combination of high sugars and acidity will ensure a wide acceptance of Red Boy® and it will be accepted by broad spectrum of the population. Because of its attractive, glowing red appearance, Red Boy® has a unique appearance and is therefore easy to recognise. Its sales and popularity through supermarkets and grocery retail trade promises to be successful.

Protection of variety and trademark
Propagation without a licence is prohibited

The trademark Red Boy® ist registered in Switzerland under the number 508.538 and internationally under the number 800.844 as a trade name and graphic device.

Application has been made for protection of the variety in the EU, Switzerland, and other countries under the designation 'Frureru'. The owner of the variety and trademark protection is Fruttica GmbH, 8197 Rafz/Switzerland.

Licence contracts and marketing by
PROMO-FRUIT Ltd, Schluchewäg 1,
8197 Rafz/Switzerland.
Tel. +41 43 433 56 56, Fax +41 43 433 56 55


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